Artisanal Fashion Company Limited is a multi-industry company in the fields of manufacturing, wholesale and retail. The main specialty is the production of eco-luxury hats, bags and accessories with the love for craftsmanship.

With the journey of more than 25 years of development, we are dedicated to creating sustainable and premium hats, bags, shoes and accessories.

With a long-term vision that takes precision as our core value, the standards for high quality work has allowed us to become a prestigious brand.

The company operates on a small scale for each department, and human development combined with the help of digital tools is our touch point to create values for the products and services offered to customers.

We define the future of fashion:

Biodegradable, Recyclable materials

Stylish & Thoughtful designs

Experience-driven strategy

A globalized company


Experience in a single touch

Established on a foundation of a traditional atelier in Saigon, Vietnam, the company has developed into a house of brands dedicated to sustainable fashion. Artisanal Fashion Company’s evolution of identity is a result of the love for beauty since the beginning, it was long before we established a legal entity.

Vision, Mission & Values

Finely crafted, Dearly loved

We are committed to delivering a sustainable experience for our customers and creating value for all our stakeholders through original and impeccably processed designs. Our aspiration is to put creativity, innovation and traditional values at the face of our business to drive changes and contribute to a greener fashion industry.


 The art of precision

The beauty of each design comes from the skilled craftsmen and the careful selection of materials. The precision and meticulousness comes from the skilled craftsmen, and is reflected not only in limited edition designs but also throughout the stages in production and working with partners/suppliers.


 Inspirations that last

Far more than an ethical necessity, we define sustainability as the drive of creativity and luxury. Sustainability is maintained comprehensively in our operation, from materials, providing flexible working conditions to packaging and long-term customer engagement.