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Inspirations that last

Sustainability is the foundation of our business. We maintain sustainability from production to working environment and long-term engagement with customers, as well as contribute to the community through meaningful programs. Far more than an ethical necessity, we define sustainability as the drive of creativity and luxury, and work our best to contribute to a better society through clothing.

Creating aesthetic, thoughtful design from natural and upcycled materials that can be treasured

Cutting down on waste, creating designs that reuse fabrics/old stocks whenever possible

Creating standards for sustainability across production, retail, operation

Make sure what we produce find the right clients and be consumed so that there are no dead stocks


Natural materials

We prioritize bio-degradable, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic materials that looks and feels good on the skin

Upcycled materials​

We use stock fabrics and selected fabrics from the Refinity project to reduce waste and maximize recycling

Artisanal materials

We source materials with flexibility such as raffia from Madagascar, fine fabrics from craft villages, and linen in artisanal production


Positivity emanates from humans to the object they create. We put our artisans at the heart of our business by treating them with respect and appreciation. We work our best to provide a healthy working environment that enables professional and personal growth, with the aim of creating a skilled and sustainable workforce. Our designs are made by the artisans who love what they do, where unlimited creativity is encouraged.

We offer new movement of working policy to give employees greater flexibility and balance

  • Gender equality: All genders are welcome to work with us
  • Human rights: All human rights are respected and followed in our workshop
  • Ensure heath, safety and well-being: Safety guidance is our first priority in every employee’s work orientation
  • Team-building activities: Harmonious teamwork would help to create harmoniously crafted artworks
  • Professional development: Advanced products require updated and professional working ability. We ensure a nurturing working environment for everyone to perform their best
  • Reach full potential at work place: High efficiency is the secret to every successful business
  • Flexible time: We care for employees after work by flexibly arranging working hours in between parental time


It is important to start from our business, but the impact will be way larger when we encourage others to do the same. We organize meaningful campaigns and events to raise awareness in the community of topics like environmental issues and spread positive messages. 

Responsible production and consumption

Our sustainable efforts are maintained through production, workforce care and after-sales services. Most of our products are are produced domestically, with our main atelier located in Saigon as well to reduce emissions from transportation.

We provide thoughtful maintenance service to endure product longevity. Being sustainable means to go with our customers throughout every of their journeys, where the hats and bags are their friends in every memorable moment of life. 

We also adopt minimal packaging to reduce fashion waste.