Artisanal Fashion Co. | Fashion Accessories Manufacturer

Vision, Mission & Values

We create a luxury that is
sustainable and aesthetic


We strive on a sustainable journey to create aesthetic eco-luxury designs from natural materials. 

In a world that is constantly evolving, we have an ability to create timeless desire with sensational objects, crafted not only for the trends and what people like, but also touch them on a profound level with the link between the designs and their stories.

With creativity at the heart of everything it does, Artisanal Fashion Company is a company of thoughtfulness, sustainability and cultural harmony. 


We would like to have meaningful, long term partnerships with our B2B partners.

As your production partner, we create together beautiful, thoughtful, sustainable products that fulfill every aspect of your brand, from technical requirements to brand story.

With our in-house D2C brands, we focus on our expertise in the fashion accessories category, that is paramount to the image and strategy of each brand, with the highest quality raw materials and know-how. 


With harmony and responsibility at heart, we work to benefit what matters most—the environment and the people.  We give our parts in community service because the impact multiplies when we work together. 

In 2021, we donated over 1,000 anti-droplets, fabric face masks to people in areas affected by the pandemic in Vietnam and France.  We also gave 1,300 pieces of N95 masks to frontline health workers and pillows to COVID-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Every year, we dedicate a part of our profits to participate in activities to raise awareness of environmental issues as well as promote equality in social development of Vietnam.

Since 2020, we have collaborated with our friends and KOLs to launch the Refinity line, featuring handcrafted designs from recycled fabrics and eco-friendly materials to express creativity while conveying love for the earth.


Artisanal Fashion Co., Ltd. always strives to play into the growth of sustainable fashion industry in Vietnam and aims towards long-term values for customers and the society.

Hats, bags, accessories and uniforms are constantly researched and improved to provide customers with designs from high-quality natural, recycled materials, which are environmentally friendly and especially in line with modern consumer trends.

In terms of quantity, Artisanal Fashion Company Ltd. has a warehouse that can support partners to develop markets with flexible quantities.

With our support, partners can completely order sustainable productions in small and large quantities, meeting international standards right in Vietnam.


With the philosophy of creating aesthetic and meaningful fashion to wear, we create quality objects that are made to treasure.


Inheriting quintessence from our 30-year-old atelier, we work together to craft beautiful garments that tell the story of Vietnam.


With diversity, equality and mobility as pillars, we support our people to advance their lives and work experiences.


From sketch to reality. We aim for bio-degradable, recycled materials and adopt minimal packaging to reduce our carbon footprints.