Artisanal Fashion Co. is founded in Saigon, Vietnam, on the foundation of a 20-year-old family-owned artisanal hat-making workshop.

We have a desire to bring sustainability into daily life.

Through your everyday essential items, you are offered designs which have a perfect blend of lifestyle and the value of eco-luxury.


There is something about the way a hat framing the face.

Hats play with texture to heighten our spirit by framing the face. With the desire of sustainably developing the fashion industry, we choose eco-friendly materials. The meticulousness of a 20-year-old family-owned artisanal hat-making workshop brings you your favorite designs that stay true to the value of eco-luxury.


fine raffia bucket bag


To have and to hold.

Bags have been one of the most essential items to have and to hold in our closets. Artisanal Fashion company brings the best quality products with the skillful hands of our 20-year experienced craftsmen. Each design is established as a timeless work of art from the start. Choose your perfect day-to-day companions with our masterpieces.


Small things, big value.

Our artisans are accomplished with multiple hand-knitting techniques combined with sewing techniques to create aesthetic accessories for fashion and travel. By touching our raffia, linen fabric, and artisanal materials, you can feel a natural sense that preserves your timeless values ​​and stories.


AFCO - expertises


Art of the table and Comfort sleeping.

Through Artisanal Fashion Co., you are offered a collection of stylish decorative objects for your beloved space. Home is where your love resides and laughter never ends, where indulgence should be taken seriously. Infuse your home with elegance and eco-luxury objects.


A dream of one’s own.

A collection of pieces that is a perpetual dialog between creativity and artisans, between style and craftsmanship. For Artisanal Fashion Co., our collection of limited edition Collector’s pieces is a perfect harmony: the union of beautiful senses and taste of luxury which stays true to our timeless values. The designs are emblematic of our high standards, boldness, and limitless imagination.