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Our expertise

With our experience in artisanal fashion production for 3 generations and international connection, we are dedicated to creating beautiful designs to wear, accessories to enhance, and thoughtful pieces to gift

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Square Neck Tank Bodysuit (coffee), Socco natural, Verso bag, Cotton white shirt, Carolyn heels, Cloud earrings--3 (1)


Leinné Classic white organic cotton shirt-3 (1)

Shirts & Uniforms

Raffia basket and decor for the home by Artisanal Fashion Co

Corporate gifts

Cat charm, Bucket Cabas linen (4)

Small accessories


Craftsmanship is our foundation.

At AFCo, artisanal hats and bags makers need years of apprenticeship. Certain details can only be created by the skillful hands of the craftspersons who have been with us since day one. They are an indispensable part of our mission towards sustainability.

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