Washable handcrafted raffia hats at Regent Phu Quoc

A place where traditional Vietnamese and modern design merges

The recent partnership with Regent Phu Quoc marks a milestone in AFCo’s efforts to affirm its reputation as a sustainable fashion production company. The two worked together to produce handcrafted, eco-luxury raffia hats tailored to Regent’s identity.

Nestled in the awe-inspiring ocean of Phu Quoc island, Regent is a luxurious retreat offering multi-sensory experiences. AFco and Regent share a common goal of providing customers with an uplifting personal experience, where Vietnamese tradition blends with modern touches.

Regent has cooperated with AFco to deliver a high-class experience for its customers by producing hats exclusively for Regent guests. With expertise in producing eco-luxury artisanal fashion and sustainable values, AFCO has fully conveyed the originality and modern traditional fusion through handcrafted raffia hats.

The short-brimmed shape is suitable for travel and resort, with a graceful round crown for women and an elegant fedora crown for men. The hat comes with a dark teal silk band–the color of Phu Quoc oceans, accentuated with hand-polished gold coins with the letter R from Regent’s brand identity. It is hand-made by the highly skilled craftsmen at AFCo’s nearly 30-year-old atelier, made with special techniques to preserve the elasticity of the material by maintaining air bonds and foaming in each fiber. Therefore, AFCo’s hats can be cleaned with water, ironed and reshaped.

Fine resort experience with handcrafted raffia hats

The design has received great fondness from guests and played into their uplifting experience during their stay at Regent. Its elegant silhouette and natural material beautifully complements the minimalist textiles, open space and cozy light of Regent. Carrying the identity of both brands, the handcrafted hats are convenient enough to accompany customers in their peaceful moments in the middle of the island, and flattering enough to be a subtle accent to a sunny look.

The experiences with AFCO’s hats contribute to helping customers feel the spirit of Regent – sophistication, sustainability, cultural connection and Vietnamese contemporary charm. Those are also the values that AFCo pursues and brings to its partners.