Mask chains produced by AFCo

Masks don’t have to be boring – you can make it look much cooler with fashionable mask chains produced by AFCo.

AFCo mask chains with colorful and shining shade elevates your mask game. The appeal is instant – not only is it practical, but it also transforms the face mask into an accessory. We offer different styles of mask chains for everyone and every occasion – a glittering chain from pearls and crystals for an evening event, a colorful chain for a day out, or a simple black mask chain for when you want some edge. 

Our friend Helly Tong has a special love for Leinné mask chains. From the Johnny chain in black for sporty or casual outfits to the Bistro chain with a twist of elegance, let’s take a look at Helly’s most-loved unique designs!

AFCo’s chains can also be used as eyeglass straps. Worn around the neck, both ends of the beautiful chain are aesthetically tied to the arms of the spectacles.

The production of mask chains at AFCo is driven by sustainability. The increased use of medical masks due to the pandemic has caused serious environmental pollution. Transforming the mask into a fashion accessory with flexible, stylized mask chains makes the wearers pay more attention to them and keep them in longer use. Using a mask chain also prevents your mask from falling on bacterial surfaces, hence reusable and convenient.