As a fashion manufacturer specialised in hats and bags, we have built our in-house brands for retail and wholesale.

Our hand-crafted creations are made with utmost thoughtfulness with their clear identities according to each line.

In a world that is constantly evolving, we have an ability to create timeless desire with sensational objects, crafted not only for the trends and what people like, but also touch them on a profound level with the link between the designs and their stories.


Born in Paris at the end of 2016, Leinné was founded by our current CEO and Creative Director Mimi-Minh Nguyen.

With hats and straw bags as the brand’s signature items, Leinné has received recognition from world-wide publications and expands sales channels in the most beautiful stores across the world.

Leinné – a combination of “leisure” and “inné”: we make objects that gratify the senses from natural materials.

Inspired by voyages to different lands, our designs represents a harmony between cultures and bears the joyful spirit of adventures.

Our signature items are hats and bags are made in our artisanal workshop in Saigon, Vietnam.

Leinné is expanding its line from hats and bags to thoughtfully-made clothing and accessories from sustainable natural materials.

little treasures

Leinné Little Treasures was first created as a sub-line under the Leinné brand name by our collaboration with designer and co-founder Carolyn Brès.

Sourced and hand-made in Thailand and Vietnam, our signature pearl jewellery has charmed the heart of many clients and become a brand on its own.

With the idea: “Sensual objects that shine on the body”, Leinné Little Treasures consists of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and mask chains that capture the contemporary and bold spirit.

20221110 - FB Gosker - Ghost bucket hat - 04

Gosker is a line by Parisian creative director Mimi-Minh Nguyen and Artisanal Fashion Co. that rediscovers casual and comfortable dressing for men and women, with the philosophy: “What we wear is a reflection of how we feel.⁠”

Gosker promotes an active lifestyle and sportive flexibility through functional, robust and suitable designs that can be worn anywhere. Each of its pieces is a blend of versatility and style. Gosker provides basics that help you do more, clothes that feel good, clothes that deliver confidence in comfort and allow for reconnection.