Leinné Fall-Winter 2022 Collection: Vidi Amavi

This October, Leinné marks its return with the Fall – Winter 2022 collection named Vidi Amavi. Taking inspiration from romantic adventures in the in-between days, 35 creations make their debut in celebration of the brand’s constant transformation.

A renewed sense of adventures

The name Vidi Amavi is a variation of Caesar’s saying “Veni, vidi, vici” (I come, I see, I conquer). Vidi Amavi means “I see, I love”, the amorousness at first sight, the combination of romance and adventure like the autumn-winter transition itself. Take a different route home. Try a new dish at a familiar restaurant. Put on a new style you’ve never tried before. Even the familiar things we take for granted can encompass interesting surprises.

Marking a change with Vidi Amavi, Leinné has taken bold steps. For the first time, the brand launched an in-store clothing collection at its concept store Galerie Mode in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. The eco-luxury fashion brand also deleted its entire Instagram post in preparation for a grand transformation.

Nature meets culture

Vidi Amavi fuses traditional details and modernity in well-sourced materials to tell the story of Vietnam. These include natural raffia for hats and bags; jade stones, freshwater pearls and jade stones for jewelry; silk and bamboo cotton for clothing,… Leinné’s ingenuity lies in the harmonious marriage of high-quality natural materials. It enhances the image of the Leinné woman all while reflecting the creative philosophy that the brand pursues

Craftsmanship lies at the soul of Leinné, and Vidi Amavi is no exception. The collection is result of painstaking artisanal expertise at Leinné’s 30-year-experience workshop in Saigon. Its savoir-faire is reflected in the delicate cuts on the Sorrento silk shirt, the hand quilting technique on the Losange hat, or the Tam bag which takes form of the traditional Vietnamese yem. Raffia is processed with a special technique to remain durable and can be ironed and shaped. Every piece is meticulously crafted for the woman to feel and form her own connection with the design she chooses to own.

Leinné chose Nam Thi House as the place to take the lookbook photoshoot for its collection. Located right in the heart of bustling Saigon, Nam Thi House fuses classic architecture and contemporary vibe. Its delicate architectural lines, green spaces or red brick walls blend perfectly with the sensual pieces. The collaboration highlights the beauty of the spirit of openness, love of beauty and the mutual desire to tell the story of Vietnam of the two brands.