Gosker: “What we wear can be a reflection of how we feel.”

While fashion trends last as quickly as they come, athleisure only continues to flourish. The global athleisure market size is expected to reach USD 662.56 billion by 2030, according to a report in 2022 by Grand View Research, Inc. Indeed, it’s easy to see people in leggings, sneakers or sweatpants walking out of the gym, heading to downtown for a brunch or meeting friends.

“What we wear is a reflection of how we feel”

The most favoring part of athleisure is the blend of aesthetics from both industries: sports and fashion. Fashion gives sports an uplift in credibility and sports gives fashion functionality. Athleisure prospers because it taps into several broad trends, including a consumers’ shift towards more comfortable clothing. With the less formal working setting, the demand for comfort, style and performance in clothing has encouraged athleisure to prosper.

From the same creator of Leinné, a resort wear brand that spread its wings from Vietnam to Europe and Hong Kong, Gosker is a line by creative director Mimi-Minh Nguyen and Artisanal Fashion Company. The label rediscovers casual, comfortable dressing for men and women, with the philosophy: “What we wear is a reflection of how we feel.”

Gosker promotes an active lifestyle and sportive flexibility through functional designs for any occasion. Each of its pieces is a blend of versatility and style, like a blank canvas that leaves room for self invention.

Incorporating wellness into clothing

To Mimi-Minh Nguyen, clothing is non-verbal language to tell the world about ourselves. Every brand has to subscribe to a lifestyle. For Gosker, it’s responsiveness, confidence, self-connection and positive energy. “Imagine you’re walking down the street, you see someone wearing a tote bag with the words ‘I knew it could be done’, and you suddenly feel a little happier. Joy can come from such a moment,” shared Mimi-Minh Nguyen.

Just like music has feel-good music, fashion has feel-good clothing, clothes that make us feel good about who we are. That is exactly what Gosker is after. Minh Nguyen shares: “People often associate wellness with a healthy diet or exercise. Few people notice that wellness is also what we wear. Wearing what makes us comfortable can lift our spirits, improve our mood and our productivity.”

With such philosophy in mind, Gosker’s designs aims to make the wearers feel good. The words “I knew it could be done” on the tote bag, interesting lightning details on the italic G logo or a mischievous ghost pattern complement a versatile athleisure outfit. Additionally, Gosker’s palette of both basic and colorful tones enables the wearers to choose colors that suit their mood.

Making ethics a statement, Gosker provides simple products that guarantee timelessness. Its signature cotton bucket hats, tote bags, oversized sweatshirts are hand-crafted at Artisanal Fashion Co., a production company pioneering in aesthetic artisanal accessories with its 30-year-old atelier in Vietnam. 

A brand will not succeed without starting from and aiming for a clear purpose. Mimi-Minh Nguyen shares: “The spirit of Gosker is to move forward and challenge boundaries. We always strive to do better, practice sustainable fashion holistically, and convey positive values through our clothing.” As a newbie of Vietnamese athleisure fashion, Gosker promises to be worth looking forward to.