Cotton hats production at Artisanal Fashion Company

Cotton hat designs from AFCo:

Classic bucket hat with short brim, coming in multiple colors. Made from 100% cotton

Bucket hat with short brim and clean lines, coming in multiple colors. Made from 100% cotton

Classic bucket hat made from waterproof cotton with logo

Classic bucket hat, with attached striped shirt pocket. Made from cotton bamboo

Rollable crownless visor hat of different colors. Made of organic cotton, the cap is plastic-free

Classic cap in plain color. Made from 100% soft natural cotton

What's special about cotton hats produced by AFCo?

Shape: The shape of the hats is carefully formed to achieve a balance of flexibility, comfort and fashion. The hats have a sturdy shape, made from quality fabric, bringing comfort and convenience.

Thoughtful design: The hats are designed with an inner band or drawstring for adjustment.

Sustainable materials: We choose natural, biodegradable and skin-friendly materials. The materials selected by AFCo for the production of fabric hats include organic cotton, cotton bamboo cotton which is absorbent, antibacterial and UV-protectant, cotton stock fabric, etc., all carefully processed to maximize softness.

Hats production process and duration

Send request

After we receive information from the customer, the hat will be designed and quoted.

Sample making

The cost of making samples will be calculated depending on the design and will be refunded when the customer places an official order. Sample making takes 7 days.


After the customer finalizes the design,we start producing and upon completion, pack the goods with the specifications according to the customer’s requirements.
* Production duration of 100-500 pieces is the same. We encourage customers to order 500 pieces or more to get a discount.